Mud slinging in Mississippi


It’s hot and humid here, but it is Mississippi so it’s not like I expected anything different.  I’ve had some neat encounters with a nice sized hawk moth, some great looking Polistes wasps, and of course all the “normal” insects I deal with for work.  But what has captured my attention and been rolling around my brain has been the variegated mud-loving beetle (family Heteroceridae).  Just the name has a cadence to it like listening to a great piece of music.   Continue reading

Flabbergasting Friday Favorites


It’s been a long but great week.  I had to work all weekend and on the 4th, but I got to hang with some great people.  I was out for a couple days at a special event and looking forward to a week in CA next week.  Hoping I might have a little time to visit a park and get some entomological awesomeness in.  Can’t have all work and no play right?  I didn’t do too much posting on facebook this week just from lack of free time, but here’s some great friday favorites to make up for it: Continue reading