Flashy Friday Favorites

So it's cold and dreary outside and I am in the mood for something bright and cheery.  Odd since I usually gravitate to the dreary and dark.  Lots of cool things hang out in the dark.  Lots of cool things happen in the dark.  I was thinking of stargazing, where did your mind just go? … Continue reading Flashy Friday Favorites

Frosty Friday Favorites

It's been a quiet week here in Lake Wobegon... wait, wrong blog.  It's been a quiet week here in terms of entomological awesomeness.  The first day of winter was Wednesday so I think the cold and dark is slowing everything down like the hemolymph of an overwintering insect.  In support of that, here's my wintry … Continue reading Frosty Friday Favorites

Festive Friday Favorites

The copious amounts of sugar laced baked goods that keep appearing in the office seem to indicate that it's the holidays.  As I head off down that sucrose rabbit hole twitching like a lab rat on speed, here is my wish list friday favorites list for this week.   Caterpillars - love the shirt, and they … Continue reading Festive Friday Favorites

Insects, Pizza, and a bit of Speed

So I moved into my new place last week and all my stuff is...  well... not here yet.  But it's cool, it's on the way.  So with no furniture, no cooking paraphernalia, and no dishes, you know what that means: takeout pizza for dinner!  (Thank you Papa Johns.)  The delivery person got here super fast … Continue reading Insects, Pizza, and a bit of Speed

Who’s eating your thanksgiving dinner?

Thanksgiving.  That quintessential American holiday of eating too much food.  But it's not just us eating, insects eat too. There are numerous insects that prey on cranberries, particularly Lepidoptera, but my favorite is the cranberry weevil (Anthonomus musculus), probably because I have a fondness for weevils and their little snouts.  Adult beetles will feed on new growth … Continue reading Who’s eating your thanksgiving dinner?