So it’s cold and dreary outside and I am in the mood for something bright and cheery.  Odd since I usually gravitate to the dreary and dark.  Lots of cool things hang out in the dark.  Lots of cool things happen in the dark.  I was thinking of stargazing, where did your mind just go?  Yet I digress, here’s this weeks frighteningly flamboyant friday favorites:

  • Obvious, I know – but Lampyridae shine like a lone bottle of wine on the shelf saying “drink me….”
  • Art, science, entomological awesomeness – it’s like having and ice cream sundae with unlimited toppings.  You get EVERYTHING all rolled up like a chipotle burrito.steampunk
  • What’s flashier than a blue morpho? – except maybe a peacock spider, or the sparkling effect of a bug zapper in Louisiana in the summer.  blue-morpho-dress

There’s really only one thing to do on a dark dreary evening like this.  Lighting the fire, settling into a nice comfy chair with a glass of something (for internal warmth of course) and reading an entomologically awesome book.  Don’t have one?  Just read through some old Confessions of an Entomologist posts.  Well worth the read if I do say so myself.

Okay, I can’t resist:

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