Friday Favorites

Ah, what a week.  But the weekend beckons...  like a firefly flashing in a meadow, there is a tiny bit of light to hold on to.  I actually don't get much of a weekend since I am headed to a conference tomorrow, but it will be (if not necessarily fun) educational.  Here's my favorites from … Continue reading Friday Favorites

Insects, Pizza, and a bit of Speed

So I moved into my new place last week and all my stuff is...  well... not here yet.  But it's cool, it's on the way.  So with no furniture, no cooking paraphernalia, and no dishes, you know what that means: takeout pizza for dinner!  (Thank you Papa Johns.)  The delivery person got here super fast … Continue reading Insects, Pizza, and a bit of Speed

Endangered Friday Favorites

No, Friday Favorites are not endangered, but many species of plants and animals are.  The US Fish and Wildlife Services observes Endangered Species Day today, May 20th, 2016 to "recognize the national conservation effort to protect our nation's endangered species and their habitats."  So to support that effort, today's Friday Favorites are all endangered species. … Continue reading Endangered Friday Favorites