Flashy Friday Favorites

So it's cold and dreary outside and I am in the mood for something bright and cheery.  Odd since I usually gravitate to the dreary and dark.  Lots of cool things hang out in the dark.  Lots of cool things happen in the dark.  I was thinking of stargazing, where did your mind just go? … Continue reading Flashy Friday Favorites

A Perfect Combination

Today is National Rum Day.  Finally, a holiday I can really support and raise my glass to! In honor of this auspicious day, I am (of course) going to bring insects into it.   Rum is made from sugarcane byproducts, usually molasses or sugarcane juice.  And you know what else likes sugarcane?  Yep, insects!  One of the … Continue reading A Perfect Combination

Frivolous Friday Favorites

It's been a pretty boring week here, which means I have had some time to futz around and google my heart out.  Found some great stuff for this weeks favorites: Clean your cockroach - literally!  Parasitic wasps need their cockroach host nice a nd clean for their development and here's how they manage that. Ready … Continue reading Frivolous Friday Favorites

Florida Friday Favorites

Ah....  a long week ends in sunny (rainy?) Florida for the start of vacation.  I plan on getting in some beach time, drinking lots of wine, eating LOTS of great seafood, and relaxing some.  I brought my camera with me so I am also going to try to learn some photography skills and take some … Continue reading Florida Friday Favorites

Fluttering Friday Favorites

You've probably noticed I didn't get around to posting much this week.  I was at a convention and was pretty busy from morning til late night.  Even though the conference didn't really have too much to do with entomology, I still managed to get some amazing entomological awesomeness in this week: Played hooky for a couple … Continue reading Fluttering Friday Favorites

Find yourself in California

Like the commercial says, there's plenty to see and do.  I was glad I got an afternoon to visit Joaquin Miller Park, tucked away in the corner of Oakland.  It's over 500 acres and I hiked about 6 miles of it (plenty left to do for my next visit!).  I was traveling light so I … Continue reading Find yourself in California

Who needs oceans of water when you have seas of grasses?

What an amazing weekend!  I had the opportunity to visit the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve and it was great!  The weather was absolutely beautiful, got to see the bison (from a nice safe distance of course!), and the insects out there....  a plethora of entomological awesomeness.   The monarchs were definitely flying yesterday and there … Continue reading Who needs oceans of water when you have seas of grasses?

The Pluto Fly-By Article of Your Entomological Dreams

It happened!  New Horizon made the close pass by Pluto!  Pictures coming in!  And why is this important?  Well...  Science! And because I believe I can link just about anything to entomology: Coprophanaeus pluto - a dung beetle, mostly Mexico Euptera pluto - Nymphalid butterfly native to parts of Africa Fodinoidea pluto - Arctiid moth … Continue reading The Pluto Fly-By Article of Your Entomological Dreams