Ah, what a week.  But the weekend beckons…  like a firefly flashing in a meadow, there is a tiny bit of light to hold on to.  I actually don’t get much of a weekend since I am headed to a conference tomorrow, but it will be (if not necessarily fun) educational.  Here’s my favorites from the week:

  • Zika, mosquitoes, vaccines? – The first two are a given, the last is now a possibility.mosquito
  • Fear and loathing in the insect world – People fear insects (silly if you ask me) but do
    insects feel fear?  And can we use that for management practices?  Very interesting.
  • Road trip? – it only happens every 17 years, find out where it will be this spring (and plan your visit!).

Like a spiderling ballooning away on the wind, I am about to silently and swiftly leave this afternoon.  Wouldn’t you like to spread some of this entomological awesomeness on?

yeah, one more:



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