Fizzy Friday Favorites

What a week!  I am glad the weekend is beckoning like an old friend bringing a bottle of wine (or six).  There's been some great stuff going on this week, here's just a sampling of my favorites: Paradise... for Dipterists! - But not just flies, with the identification of these new species of fungus gnats, there's also … Continue reading Fizzy Friday Favorites


WTF? I thought this was an entomology blog?

I promised to write more this week.  There has been a lot of neat stuff I have come across, as well as things in my "save for blog" file, but nothing really screamed at me like a teenage girl at a boy band concert "OMG THIS IS THE AWESOMEST!".  So I am just kinda futzing … Continue reading WTF? I thought this was an entomology blog?