What a week!  I am glad the weekend is beckoning like an old friend bringing a bottle of wine (or six).  There’s been some great stuff going on this week, here’s just a sampling of my favorites:

  1. Paradise… for Dipterists! – But not just flies, with the identification of these new species of fungus gnats, there’s also the interdependent parasitoid wasps that are associated with them.fungus gnat
  2. Discriminatory Diptera – What big eyes you have!  Not just big, but extremely sensitive.robber fly
  3. Defiant Diptera – What’s worse than a mosquito?  A mosquito that could be resistant to pesticides.  But with so many species, which ones are resistant to which active ingredients?  Find out here!Anopheles_gambiae_Mosquito

So apparently I am fraught with feelings on flies this week!  But really, what’s an entomologist to do?  I’ll just have to fly with it and flit on over to the next entomologically awesome thing next week.  I’m thinking springtails….

It’s kinda mesmerizing:

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