Sucky Friday Favorites

I was at the CDC today.  Yep, that CDC and it was entomologically awesome!  It was more of a meet and greet and tour than hard core, in-depth science, but it was still great.  It was cool to see the response capabilities and I got to tour the insectary.  So in that (wing) vein, my … Continue reading Sucky Friday Favorites


Friday Favorites

No joke, it has been a crappy couple of weeks.  I am really trying to keep above it all, but it is getting hard.  But I go on holiday next week so I only have to hold on through Wednesday.  YES!  I can make it until then.  In the meantime, the entomological awesomeness is buoying … Continue reading Friday Favorites

Kiss me and hand me the gin

I'm working on a write up on kissing bugs, so naturally I am trying to procrastinate and my mind is wandering off in all sorts of directions.  (Hey is that a new oatmeal on facebook?!)  So naturally, since I am thinking about Chagas disease, I float on over to other insect vectored diseases.  It's really … Continue reading Kiss me and hand me the gin