I’ve never really thought of myself as a “city person” but there is no way I am a “country person”.  I like the country, I like the wilderness, I like hiking and camping.  But I ain’t country.  I don’t like country music.  Except for the song about Earl.  

So here I am on a trip to Knoxville (Tennesse is the south right?).  So I am trying to find some entomological awesomeness.  Since I have music on my brain and country music is way too prevalent on the airwaves here, I am rocking out to Scuttle Bug.  (Note to all the listeners out there: DO NOT google the definition of “scuttlebug”.  You have been warned.)

While I am listening and thinking about insects and great music, that leads me to think about music being art and insects and art and I stumble upon this that will now be added to my desktop image rotation.music-insects

Pictures are cool and I am sure Tennessee has lots of great art, they also have a state insect!  In 1975, they designated the firefly as their state insect.  They apparently didn’t designate a specific species, but the eastern firefly (Photinus pyralis) is common to this area.  It’s also known as the big dipper firefly.  photinus

I’m pretty scattered here today (like you couldn’t tell already), like an Anopheles scattering her eggs in the water, my mind is all over the place.  But like a dung beetle, I am trying to keep my shit together.  It’s probably all the driving I had to do.  The entomological awesomeness is still flowing, it’s just in tiny random packages today.



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