Flashy Friday Favorites

So it's cold and dreary outside and I am in the mood for something bright and cheery.  Odd since I usually gravitate to the dreary and dark.  Lots of cool things hang out in the dark.  Lots of cool things happen in the dark.  I was thinking of stargazing, where did your mind just go? … Continue reading Flashy Friday Favorites

Freaky Fast Friday Faves

What a week.  I have been stuck in management meetings most of the week, which weren't bad, just very very long.  Which means I haven't been following much news, certainly didn't get any posts out, and have barely logged onto facebook.  But I did get to hang with some great people over the week.  I … Continue reading Freaky Fast Friday Faves

Why fireflies are cuter than kittens

I get lots of questions at work  and from friends and relatives about insects.  (Hey, you’re a "bug person", what’s that thing that's black and has legs and wings?)  So I figured it was a pretty good sign when I had two separate occasions to be asked about fireflies and a really cool article comes out, … Continue reading Why fireflies are cuter than kittens