Feckless Friday Favorites

I refuse to get dragged down by or involved in any of the politics today.  So I am not watching/listening to/reading the news.  I will not look at anything non-entomology on facebook.   I will only go to reputable scientific sites.  There will only be sassy entomological awesomeness today: XKCD Mutts Far Side b.c. That is … Continue reading Feckless Friday Favorites

Frosty Friday Favorites

It's been a quiet week here in Lake Wobegon... wait, wrong blog.  It's been a quiet week here in terms of entomological awesomeness.  The first day of winter was Wednesday so I think the cold and dark is slowing everything down like the hemolymph of an overwintering insect.  In support of that, here's my wintry … Continue reading Frosty Friday Favorites

Today is… hey is that a beetle?

So today is apparently National ADD day.  And since I have absolutely no concentration and don't really want to do anything aside from eat an entire package of Ghirardelli chocolate while playing candy crush and half watching old episodes of American Horror Story and contemplating cleaning but with no actual intention of doing that.  Wait, … Continue reading Today is… hey is that a beetle?

Freakin Amazing Friday Favorites

It's been a great week.  A fabulous week.  A giant flaming ball of fantasticness week.  And to go along with that, here is some entomological awesomeness from the week. PUPPIES!!!  - want to know what it has to do with entomology?  Then click on the link already!   Flight of the bumble bee - Know … Continue reading Freakin Amazing Friday Favorites

Some days you’re the bug, some days the windshield

I'm driving in Oklahoma for the third time in a month.  It's not that I exactly dislike Oklahoma, it's just that I can't find anything to be particularly enamored with.  Yeah, cue the hate mail: "You suck, OK is the BEST!!!"  Seriously, I'm not totally against the state and there has been some entomological awesomeness. … Continue reading Some days you’re the bug, some days the windshield

Flipping for Friday Favorites

It's always tough the first week back from holiday.  I made it though, the weekend is SO close!  My inner voice is saying "get a glass of wine, it's close enough" like a little satanic cheerleader.  I might just have to listen to it.  But before I do, here are my favorites from the week: … Continue reading Flipping for Friday Favorites

Fluttering Friday Favorites

You've probably noticed I didn't get around to posting much this week.  I was at a convention and was pretty busy from morning til late night.  Even though the conference didn't really have too much to do with entomology, I still managed to get some amazing entomological awesomeness in this week: Played hooky for a couple … Continue reading Fluttering Friday Favorites

Find yourself in California

Like the commercial says, there's plenty to see and do.  I was glad I got an afternoon to visit Joaquin Miller Park, tucked away in the corner of Oakland.  It's over 500 acres and I hiked about 6 miles of it (plenty left to do for my next visit!).  I was traveling light so I … Continue reading Find yourself in California

Spring has sprung

Well, it has if your are in the northern hemisphere; those of you in the south, happy autumn!  There is something about spring: the colors, the smell, the temperatures fluctuating around like a drunk on a teeter-totter.  Best of all is the insects starting to get active again.  So in honor of the beginning of … Continue reading Spring has sprung