It’s been a quiet week here in Lake Wobegon… wait, wrong blog.  It’s been a quiet week here in terms of entomological awesomeness.  The first day of winter was Wednesday so I think the cold and dark is slowing everything down like the hemolymph of an overwintering insect.  In support of that, here’s my wintry favorites for this week:

  1. Snow fleas – they aren’t fleas but they are often found highlighted against the white backdrop of fresh white snow.  It’s almost too bad they are so tiny since they have such cool little bodies and are sometimes quite colorful.
  2. Stoneflies – I get way too excited when I find stoneflies.  They are found in cold running water and they have a kind of antifreeze that helps them survive the frigid temps.  winterstonefly
  3. I’m all about avoidance – that’s why I’m headed south for a few days, and insects have had this idea way before people did.  And it’s not just monarchs (but they’re still cool).monarch2

With the waning days, there has been a waning of entomological awesomeness.  But from here on, the days are getting longer so the entomological awesomeness will be lengthier!  Can’t wait for a new year of entomological greatness!

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