It’s here!  Not only is it friday, but it is the friday before a long, holiday weekend!  Which means… yep, I will be working all weekend.  It’s okay though, I am finally getting over whatever bug I picked up (that term most likely refers to the microorganisms “bugs” that cause you to be sick) and have been crazy busy packing and finishing up projects for the big move in just a few days.  I am so excited but kinda flipping out too.  So here’s some friday favorites to distract you for a little bit:

  1. I had to drive to Oklahoma yesterday – and it’s summer so my car is now covered in insect guts.  I tried to ID some of them as they performed their death stunt.

    The smearing of the windshield wipers does not make ID easy.
  2. Do you know what’s down there?!?! – It’s pretty flippin’ amazing!

    The time and detail it takes to do these photos!
  3. New species, mimicry, and spelunking – it’s and entomologically awesome trifecta.

    New species of beetle that mimics a spider, Anthroherpon cylindricollie
  4. It’s almost here! – I am beyond excited about ESA/ICE meeting in Orlando in less than a month.  Capture

Got to run off to work now, hope everyone has an entomologically awesome weekend and wouldn’t you like to share some of this entomological awesomeness?


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