Flipping for Friday Favorites

It's here!  Not only is it friday, but it is the friday before a long, holiday weekend!  Which means... yep, I will be working all weekend.  It's okay though, I am finally getting over whatever bug I picked up (that term most likely refers to the microorganisms "bugs" that cause you to be sick) and have been … Continue reading Flipping for Friday Favorites

A Perfect Combination

Today is National Rum Day.  Finally, a holiday I can really support and raise my glass to! In honor of this auspicious day, I am (of course) going to bring insects into it.   Rum is made from sugarcane byproducts, usually molasses or sugarcane juice.  And you know what else likes sugarcane?  Yep, insects!  One of the … Continue reading A Perfect Combination

Mud slinging in Mississippi

It's hot and humid here, but it is Mississippi so it's not like I expected anything different.  I've had some neat encounters with a nice sized hawk moth, some great looking Polistes wasps, and of course all the "normal" insects I deal with for work.  But what has captured my attention and been rolling around … Continue reading Mud slinging in Mississippi

Freakin Amazing Friday Favorites

It's been a great week.  A fabulous week.  A giant flaming ball of fantasticness week.  And to go along with that, here is some entomological awesomeness from the week. PUPPIES!!!  - want to know what it has to do with entomology?  Then click on the link already!   Flight of the bumble bee - Know … Continue reading Freakin Amazing Friday Favorites

Friday Favorite Flicks

It's an all video friday favorites this week to move from the drudgery of the working week into the debauchery and decadence of the weekend.  So here's some diversion and hoping your day dissipates into day's end quickly: Leafcutter ants - I can get totally sucked into watching the little guys take their leaves back to … Continue reading Friday Favorite Flicks

Why entomology is more tempting than a Cinnabon

I get a kick out of people when they find out I am an entomologist.  Often the reaction is, "Ew, you play with bugs?!?"  Yes.  I do.  And it is awesome.  Of the copious reasons why I am enamored with entomology, a few have reinforced themselves this week.   Arthropods comprise the majority of the … Continue reading Why entomology is more tempting than a Cinnabon

The sweet sound of friday favorites.

The ding of the mailbox alert, the chime of the incoming mail, the sound of your coworkers laughing to yet another cat video.  You've waited for it all week and here it is! The forgotten benefits of drawing - I suck at drawing.  But it doesn't stop me from doodling, badly sketching, and it turns … Continue reading The sweet sound of friday favorites.