Moth Week in Three Easy Steps

That’s right, it’s moth week!  Moth week started ten years ago in New Jersey to celebrate the beauty, life cycle, and habitats of these often overlooked insects.  It is estimated that there may be as many as 500,000 species of moths in the world and this year the focus is on the Sphingidae family.  These are known as hawk moths, sphinx moths, and hornworms.  One of my personal favorites is the death’s-head hawkmoth.  And not just for the fact it has a cute little skull pattern, but because they squeak when threatened!

So what can you do, you ask?nwm-2015-003

  1. Get the info – both on moth week, moths in general, and moths in your area.
  2. Find the moths – go out, look for moths!  Sit by a light in the evenings and see what comes by.  Host an event.
  3. Spread the word – take pictures, post, share!

So get out your collecting kits, your cameras, your lights and go find some moths!  6_mothgallery.ngsversion.b78fd3e4cb764db67d809eb4495e5f65.adapt.768.1Share with your friends and get them out with you!

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