Phenomenal Friday Favorites

Phenomenal that is is finally Friday if you ask me!

  1. Pictures – don’t know if I can quite describe how totally amazing, mind-blowing, incredibly good the Digital Museum of Natural History’s pictures are.  But I just tried and failed.  Go see for yourself.  My personal favorite from this week are these cute little wasps!


  2. Build a bee B&B – I have wanted to build one of these for a while and still haven’t gotten around to it, but I will…  soon…. -ish….
  3. Another cool Hymenoptera – I have issues with the “it is SO big and SO nasty” quote, but Ben Hutchins does a nice job with the interview.

And stay tuned, next week starts and exciting “week” that I will tell you about on Monday (maybe Sunday if I am feeling super productive).  Let the entomological excitement build!  In the meantime, share with your friends.  Or acquaintances.  Or random people, whatever floats your boat.  Give it a “like” too!

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