Fabulous Friday Favorites

It’s Friday!  It seems like it has been an extra long week for me even though I know it has been the same standard five workdays it always is.  I was traveling part of the week, and anytime I am stuck in airports for a while, that means catching up on facebook,  crazy news articles, and random stuff while I ignore work emails (I’ll get to them when I get back, right?).

  • Mosquito control – On the surface, pretty boring.  Really, what’s fabulous about this?  But when you are waving around a zapping mosquito racket?  So totally cool!  My favorite quote from the story: “They are addictive. It’s like playing tennis, but existential death tennis, with bugs.”
  • Caterpillars of New England – Stunning photography.  You can view more of the photos and buy prints here.
  • Otters – Um…  huh?  Entomology related?  Yep!  It’s not Friday if you’re not wasting time watching a video right?  Check it out.  You know you want to!

So that’s my favorites from this week, enjoy the weekend and make sure to check in on Sunday.  It’s Father’s Day so there will be a insect related spin on that!

Oh, and pass on the love.  Share with your friends, like the post, and comment on your weekly favorite.



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