The oddest place you will find awesome dads

Well, maybe not the oddest, but certainly cool!  In honor of Father’s Day, one of the great dads of the entomological world.  The giant water bug.  This is a true bug (Order Hemiptera) and is in the family Belostomatidae.  What makes them awesome dads is the male protects the eggs until they hatch out.  By carrying them on his back!  The female glues the eggs to the male’s back, up to 150 eggs.  But it goes even further than that.  He will periodically come up to the surface of the water to expose them to the air, letting them breath.  Since it takes about three weeks for the eggs to hatch, he does this a number of times, while warding off predators who think he and his eggs may make a good meal.  Check out this great article with lots of good info and some cool videos.

So here’s to all the great dads out there (though mine is the best by far!).  Happy Father’s Day!



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