Festive Friday Favorites

The copious amounts of sugar laced baked goods that keep appearing in the office seem to indicate that it's the holidays.  As I head off down that sucrose rabbit hole twitching like a lab rat on speed, here is my wish list friday favorites list for this week.   Caterpillars - love the shirt, and they … Continue reading Festive Friday Favorites

Craziness, Caterpillars, and Carrying On

I feel like Alice.  Sucked down the rabbit hole into the impossible madness and insanity that is this current crazy wonderland.  Like Alice, I am finding it increasingly difficult to navigate the incohesive and incoherent pathways through the maddening forest.  Alice encounters the Caterpillar and he asks her "Who are you?"     Alice replies, … Continue reading Craziness, Caterpillars, and Carrying On