Who’s eating your thanksgiving dinner?

Thanksgiving.  That quintessential American holiday of eating too much food.  But it's not just us eating, insects eat too. There are numerous insects that prey on cranberries, particularly Lepidoptera, but my favorite is the cranberry weevil (Anthonomus musculus), probably because I have a fondness for weevils and their little snouts.  Adult beetles will feed on new growth … Continue reading Who’s eating your thanksgiving dinner?

Kernels of entomological thoughts

Apparently, it is National Popcorn Day.  It is also No Name-Calling Week.  It is pretty easy for me to celebrate the frist.  I admit to being a bit challenged by the second.  However, I will do my best to be nice to you, friendly reader, today as I delve into this corny subject from an … Continue reading Kernels of entomological thoughts