Freakin’ Awesome Friday Favorites

The cold dead hands of the workweek are finally releasing their icy grip and the warm comforting flannel pants of the weekend are almost here.  So, let's get started with some of the week's best. Bees are the bestest - I have sort of stayed away from the bee controversy, there is so much complicated … Continue reading Freakin’ Awesome Friday Favorites

Friday Friday FRIDAY!!! (it’s my favorite)

Looking forward to this weekend, I am headed up to Iowa for some entomological fun!  In the meantime, some favorites from this week: Ooohhhh... pretty.... - not 100% insect related, but really happy that some of the winners were very cool insects. Parasites and prey and mind control, oh my! - the evolution of parasites … Continue reading Friday Friday FRIDAY!!! (it’s my favorite)

Phenomenal Friday Favorites

Phenomenal that is is finally Friday if you ask me! Pictures - don't know if I can quite describe how totally amazing, mind-blowing, incredibly good the Digital Museum of Natural History's pictures are.  But I just tried and failed.  Go see for yourself.  My personal favorite from this week are these cute little wasps!  // … Continue reading Phenomenal Friday Favorites