Flaming Friday Favorites

I'm melting.  I hate the heat, I have always been a cold weather person.  Bring on the snow, the ice, the freezing temps.  Even insects like the cold, snow fleas and stoneflies anyone?  It's so hot my brain is like a puddle of melted ice cream and about as functional.  So today's friday favorites are all about … Continue reading Flaming Friday Favorites

All fun and games until someone loses a leg

So I am sitting in urgent care because a friend was in a car crash this morning (she's fine, just banged up).  With all this time to sit and think (and play a few hours of candy crush), it gets the buzzing going in my head.  Insects get hurt too, what do they do about … Continue reading All fun and games until someone loses a leg

Flaming Friday Favorites

It's hot.  So I'm trying to come up with some cool entomological awesomeness.  Before the heat totally fries my brain, here're this week's favorites: Rusty patched bumble bee - it's national pollinators week and honey bees are cool and all, but come on, there are so many other bees that are entomologically awesome in so many … Continue reading Flaming Friday Favorites

Fresh Friday Favorites

Whew, we made it, it's ALMOST the weekend!  I had a great week in Iowa (though I admit: a little boring) and looking forward to Oklahoma next week.  This week's FF are all relatively new and in the news: Bug dropping - literally!  An interesting prospect and I can see applications, but not sure how … Continue reading Fresh Friday Favorites

Find yourself in California

Like the commercial says, there's plenty to see and do.  I was glad I got an afternoon to visit Joaquin Miller Park, tucked away in the corner of Oakland.  It's over 500 acres and I hiked about 6 miles of it (plenty left to do for my next visit!).  I was traveling light so I … Continue reading Find yourself in California