Friday Favorites

Finally Friday!  It's been a great week but a bit busy.  There's been some entomologically awesome stuff happening with testing being approved in Florida for mosquito control and Lord Howe stick insects breeding in CA.  Along with the new news, here's some great stuff I stumbled on. Ticks suck - I admit the first time … Continue reading Friday Favorites

Fresh Friday Favorites

Last day here, I can almost smell that new job smell!  I am so looking forward to something new.  So for that, I give you hot of the press new entomological awesomeness to start of your new weekend: New species - I have a love/hate relationship with ants.  I love the social structure and some … Continue reading Fresh Friday Favorites

Flipping for Friday Favorites

It's here!  Not only is it friday, but it is the friday before a long, holiday weekend!  Which means... yep, I will be working all weekend.  It's okay though, I am finally getting over whatever bug I picked up (that term most likely refers to the microorganisms "bugs" that cause you to be sick) and have been … Continue reading Flipping for Friday Favorites

Flying Friday Favorites

I am about to head out and board a plane but I wanted to get friday favorites out first.  It's been a busy week and I am looking forward to getting through this month!  There's been some great stuff this week, here's some of my favorites: Ants, art, awesome - "Kronemyer draws on paper with pheromones, … Continue reading Flying Friday Favorites

Forgetting (almost!) Friday Favorites

So after all my big tough talk last week about writing more, I almost forget to get the Friday Favorites out!  In my defense, I was in the air and in a car most of the day.  But excuses be damned, I WILL get you some entomological awesomeness to get your weekend started!  Here it … Continue reading Forgetting (almost!) Friday Favorites

Freakin Amazing Friday Favorites

It's been a great week.  A fabulous week.  A giant flaming ball of fantasticness week.  And to go along with that, here is some entomological awesomeness from the week. PUPPIES!!!  - want to know what it has to do with entomology?  Then click on the link already!   Flight of the bumble bee - Know … Continue reading Freakin Amazing Friday Favorites

Flaming Friday Favorites

I'm melting.  I hate the heat, I have always been a cold weather person.  Bring on the snow, the ice, the freezing temps.  Even insects like the cold, snow fleas and stoneflies anyone?  It's so hot my brain is like a puddle of melted ice cream and about as functional.  So today's friday favorites are all about … Continue reading Flaming Friday Favorites