All fun and games until someone loses a leg

So I am sitting in urgent care because a friend was in a car crash this morning (she's fine, just banged up).  With all this time to sit and think (and play a few hours of candy crush), it gets the buzzing going in my head.  Insects get hurt too, what do they do about … Continue reading All fun and games until someone loses a leg

Freakin’ Awesome Friday Favorites

The cold dead hands of the workweek are finally releasing their icy grip and the warm comforting flannel pants of the weekend are almost here.  So, let's get started with some of the week's best. Bees are the bestest - I have sort of stayed away from the bee controversy, there is so much complicated … Continue reading Freakin’ Awesome Friday Favorites

Overwhelmed Friday Favorites

Wow, what a crazy, amazing week in Minneapolis at the annual Entomological Society of America meeting.  So much going on and I have tons of notes that I need to review and papers to look up.  I am just getting caught up on emails, news, and facebook but I do have a few friday favorites to … Continue reading Overwhelmed Friday Favorites