Today is… hey is that a beetle?

So today is apparently National ADD day.  And since I have absolutely no concentration and don't really want to do anything aside from eat an entire package of Ghirardelli chocolate while playing candy crush and half watching old episodes of American Horror Story and contemplating cleaning but with no actual intention of doing that.  Wait, … Continue reading Today is… hey is that a beetle?

Friday Favorite Flicks

It's an all video friday favorites this week to move from the drudgery of the working week into the debauchery and decadence of the weekend.  So here's some diversion and hoping your day dissipates into day's end quickly: Leafcutter ants - I can get totally sucked into watching the little guys take their leaves back to … Continue reading Friday Favorite Flicks

Bed bugs, alarm systems, and pajamas

I am at a conference right now and was at a reception last night.  I was at a table talking with a bunch of people over some appetizers and wine.  It was a great time!  One was a canine handler that trained and used dogs for bed bug detection, one had worked for Bayer for … Continue reading Bed bugs, alarm systems, and pajamas