Flying Friday Favorites

I am about to head out and board a plane but I wanted to get friday favorites out first.  It's been a busy week and I am looking forward to getting through this month!  There's been some great stuff this week, here's some of my favorites: Ants, art, awesome - "Kronemyer draws on paper with pheromones, … Continue reading Flying Friday Favorites

Mud slinging in Mississippi

It's hot and humid here, but it is Mississippi so it's not like I expected anything different.  I've had some neat encounters with a nice sized hawk moth, some great looking Polistes wasps, and of course all the "normal" insects I deal with for work.  But what has captured my attention and been rolling around … Continue reading Mud slinging in Mississippi

Endangered Friday Favorites

No, Friday Favorites are not endangered, but many species of plants and animals are.  The US Fish and Wildlife Services observes Endangered Species Day today, May 20th, 2016 to "recognize the national conservation effort to protect our nation's endangered species and their habitats."  So to support that effort, today's Friday Favorites are all endangered species. … Continue reading Endangered Friday Favorites

Flipping for Friday Favorites

It's always tough the first week back from holiday.  I made it though, the weekend is SO close!  My inner voice is saying "get a glass of wine, it's close enough" like a little satanic cheerleader.  I might just have to listen to it.  But before I do, here are my favorites from the week: … Continue reading Flipping for Friday Favorites

2016 Entomological Predictions

As the year comes to a close, there always seems to be much  "looking back" at the previous year, and predictions of the year to come.  Fortune predicts that Apple will buy Tesla.  The Guardian says the UN will elect a woman as the new secretary general.  Nostradamus says that Obama will be the last … Continue reading 2016 Entomological Predictions

WTF? I thought this was an entomology blog?

I promised to write more this week.  There has been a lot of neat stuff I have come across, as well as things in my "save for blog" file, but nothing really screamed at me like a teenage girl at a boy band concert "OMG THIS IS THE AWESOMEST!".  So I am just kinda futzing … Continue reading WTF? I thought this was an entomology blog?