Fresh Friday Favorites

Last day here, I can almost smell that new job smell!  I am so looking forward to something new.  So for that, I give you hot of the press new entomological awesomeness to start of your new weekend: New species - I have a love/hate relationship with ants.  I love the social structure and some … Continue reading Fresh Friday Favorites

Flying Friday Favorites

I am about to head out and board a plane but I wanted to get friday favorites out first.  It's been a busy week and I am looking forward to getting through this month!  There's been some great stuff this week, here's some of my favorites: Ants, art, awesome - "Kronemyer draws on paper with pheromones, … Continue reading Flying Friday Favorites

All fun and games until someone loses a leg

So I am sitting in urgent care because a friend was in a car crash this morning (she's fine, just banged up).  With all this time to sit and think (and play a few hours of candy crush), it gets the buzzing going in my head.  Insects get hurt too, what do they do about … Continue reading All fun and games until someone loses a leg

March comes in like a lion…

Remember those days in second grade when you made your construction paper lion and your lamb with cotton balls glued all over it?  While there hasn't been a lot of snow or ice this winter here, these last few days have certainly been windy enough to sound like a hoard of lions.  So let's chat … Continue reading March comes in like a lion…

Frivolous Friday Favorites

Ah fridays...  like a good friend that you haven't seen in a while who is bringing a big bottle of rum.  Yep, it's good.  And most likely trouble, but isn't it the best?  Some of the week's best to get you just a little closer to that glass: Tree lobsters? - If you follow the … Continue reading Frivolous Friday Favorites

Friday Favorite Flicks

It's an all video friday favorites this week to move from the drudgery of the working week into the debauchery and decadence of the weekend.  So here's some diversion and hoping your day dissipates into day's end quickly: Leafcutter ants - I can get totally sucked into watching the little guys take their leaves back to … Continue reading Friday Favorite Flicks