The copious amounts of sugar laced baked goods that keep appearing in the office seem to indicate that it’s the holidays.  As I head off down that sucrose rabbit hole twitching like a lab rat on speed, here is my wish list friday favorites list for this week.  

  1. Caterpillars – love the shirt, and they have prints and calendars too for year round enjoyment.

    I’ll take a medium please.
  2. Prints on sale! – I have posted about how much I love Alex Wild’s stuff and now he has some of his prints on sale.  I am particularly enamored with the mantisfly (hint hint).

    Alex Wild.PNG
    I will take any of these, really.
  3. Beauty, brilliance, and bugs – and beetles and butterflies and all types of insects.  I bought mine at ESA already, but there’s plenty more here too.

    I think what I like best is the use of color, it is just so eye-catching.
  4. Too much? – not so sure about this one, but sure, why not!

Not an exhaustive list obviously, there are so many entomology books and related paraphernalia, but alas, my wallet has already been significantly lighted.  My sugar coma is about to hit like a double dose of tranquilizer with a rum-laced eggnog chaser.  In the meantime, share your favorite entomological holiday gift and pass along this hint list to your friends/relatives/random people on the street/etc.  Carry on the entomological awesomeness!holiday-ant

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