Last day here, I can almost smell that new job smell!  I am so looking forward to something new.  So for that, I give you hot of the press new entomological awesomeness to start of your new weekend:crematogaster-indosinensis

  1. New species – I have a love/hate relationship with ants.  I love the social structure and some of the mutualistic relationships they have.  But I hate identifying them!  Now there’s a new one to add to the list.
  2. New behavior – How do you catch an insect prey?  Just wiggle your head a bit.
  3. New food – Ever know one of those people who would only eat one color of food?  Some insects do the same.

So that’s the new news.  Go forth on this new weekend and be newly entomologically awesome.

Okay, one more: new video.


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