Forgetting (almost!) Friday Favorites

So after all my big tough talk last week about writing more, I almost forget to get the Friday Favorites out!  In my defense, I was in the air and in a car most of the day.  But excuses be damned, I WILL get you some entomological awesomeness to get your weekend started!  Here it is:

  1. Less than two months to ESA in Orlando! – I am so stoked about this meeting and all the great stuff that will be going on there.  I have been intrigued by these posting from previous meetings.  images
  2. Strepsiptera – I did a bunch of trainings this week and one of them had sent out an email saying the etymologist was coming.  Funny because etymology (the study of
    word origins) and entomology overlap quite a bit when you look at the scientific names of arthropods.  Strepsiptera comes from the greek meaning “twisted wing”.
  3. Love hurts – but it can be beneficial.

I’m stuck in the office all next week so I should have plenty of time to clean, pack, and find lots more entomological awesomeness throughout the week.  I’m also starting to practice my southern so: y’all have yerselves a fine weekend, y’here?


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