It’s been a great week.  A fabulous week.  A giant flaming ball of fantasticness week.  And to go along with that, here is some entomological awesomeness from the week.

  1. PUPPIES!!!  – want to know what it has to do with entomology?  Then click on the link already!  puppies and insects
  2. Flight of the bumble bee – Know how far they go in their lives?  Know what types of flying they do?  Just want to see a cool picture of a bee with a transponder on it?  Sure you do!  buzzed
  3. What’s a friday favorite without a phenomenal picture sight?  – It’s a pretty poor friday favorite and I would never sink that low, never!  So check it out, here’ my favorite one:PascalGoet_01

That’s all for this week, but stay tuned because I have some pretty great stuff coming next week (if I do say so myself!).  Here’s a teaser:  “Entomology and etouffe, bugs and beignets”.  It’s been a wild few weeks of some pretty extreme ups and downs, but I’m back with all my entomological awesomeness!  Time to bug out..


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