I’m melting.  I hate the heat, I have always been a cold weather person.  Bring on the snow, the ice, the freezing temps.  Even insects like the cold, snow fleas and stoneflies anyone?  It’s so hot my brain is like a puddle of melted ice cream and about as functional.  So today’s friday favorites are all about the heat:

  1. Spiders getting pissed off – I’m a bit more aggressive in the heat too so it stands to reason that spiders have personality changes as well.
  2. Crazy bastards! – apparently, these ants will be out and foraging in 60C temperatures!  The scavenger ants of the Sahara are the most “thermophilic” insects out there.
  3. Forget it, I’m leaving – desert cockroaches will burrow down in the sand (preferably under the shady spot of a plant) and wait ’til nightfall.

I am done, baked like an overcooked thanksgiving turkey.  I am going to go drown my heat intolerant sorrows in an ice bath with a gin and tonic.  Stay frosty and stay entomologically awesome!

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