It’s been a long but great week.  I had to work all weekend and on the 4th, but I got to hang with some great people.  I was out for a couple days at a special event and looking forward to a week in CA next week.  Hoping I might have a little time to visit a park and get some entomological awesomeness in.  Can’t have all work and no play right?  I didn’t do too much posting on facebook this week just from lack of free time, but here’s some great friday favorites to make up for it:

  1. Steampunk rules – if you haven’t figured it out by now, I like the crossover of art and insects.  Add in some cool steampunk aspects?  Yes please!  Even better, you can even order a kit to put one together yourself!  This is going on my wish list!

    Muscle bug, this one might be my favorite.
  2. What to do with spiders – have to say, Richard Vetter is one of my heros for the work he has done debunking the myth of the brown recluse.  He’s only quoted at the bottom, but still.  This was a nice article about what you should really do about that spider you just found in your house.

    I have a special affinity for jumping spiders; Phidippus regius.
  3. Who you calling “lowly”?!?! – Cockroaches are intelligent and well adapted!  Despite the bad adjective used in the title, the article shows just how amazing the “lowly” cockroach can be.blatta
  4. Picture ID – I was trying to ID some ant samples (of course they weren’t workers and had no antennae and missing legs, but sure, I can do this right?).  I was going through a bunch of pictures and came across this phenomenal one of a trap-jaw ant with munching on a psocid.

    trap jaw
    Trap-jaw ant, Strumigenys sp.

That’s all for now folks, off to enjoy my weekend and remember to keep spreading the entomological awesomeness.  You know someone needs some of this love.


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