Whew, we made it, it’s ALMOST the weekend!  I had a great week in Iowa (though I admit: a little boring) and looking forward to Oklahoma next week.  This week’s FF are all relatively new and in the news:

  • Bug dropping – literally!  An interesting prospect and I can see applications, but not
    Heteroscodra maculata
    Heteroscodra maculata

    sure how realistic on a large scale.

  • Venom applications – arthropod venom has been studied for years and many possible application may exist.  Here’s one.
  • Playing nice with others – Father’s day is coming up and I’m all about the lessons my dad taught me.  And of course, insects follow some of those rules too! (Stay tuned for an entomologically awesome Father’s Day post when we get closer.)

That’s all for this week, so go out there and be entomologically awesome!

And your gratuitous entomologically awesome video for the week:


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