Fabulous Friday Favorites

Memorial Day weekend, yea!!!  Oh, wait, I’m working all weekend.  But that’s cool.  I have been in my office all week catching up on a bunch of stuff and as I have been updating some presentation, I have been doing a lot of googling.  I really hope no one ever looks at my search history because I am sure it looks like an ADHD sugar hyped ten year old on speed was doing it.  In that vein, my friday favorites are all over the map …  hey, let’s listen to Maps by Maroon 5 and I wonder what insects I could find if I was marooned on an island and speaking of islands, why hasn’t Richard Branson contacted me about being his staff entomologist and…. Maybe I should lay off the caffeine and sugar….

  1. Burying beetle – I got a picture ID request earlier this week and determined it was one nicrophorus-pustulatusof the burying beetles, Nicrophorus pustulatus.  Now burying beetles are entomologically awesome as a group and the conservations efforts being done for the American burying beetle (N. americanus) are phenomenal, but this species?  They have evolved to go after not the recently deceased warm blooded small furry, but after snake eggs!
  2. Spanish fly – yeah, you know you’ve heard the rumors!  Check out this awesome podcast on the history.
  3. These guys got the moves! – and David Attenborough.  ‘Nuff said.

Enjoy the weekend and spread some entomological awesomeness around!

Wait, there’s more?  Okay, so totally not entomology, but I told you I was all over the place right?  I have no idea where I started the search that landed this but it is so going in one of my next presentations.  This made me laugh hysterically:



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