It’s been a pretty boring week here, which means I have had some time to futz around and google my heart out.  Found some great stuff for this weeks favorites:

  1. Clean your cockroach – literally!  Parasitic wasps need their cockroach host nice a
    Julia heliconian egg
    I think this one is my favorite.

    nd clean for their development and here’s how they manage that.

  2. Ready for the close up – there have been some great macro’s lately and this one caught my eye this week since it is all insect eggs.
  3. Stargazing – bees use the sun, dung beetles use the stars!  And how they do it is really impressive.

Should be a busy week next week, I am headed out to do some field work (at least I am not stuck in the office!).  So stay tuned for more entomological awesomeness and make sure to pass this on, sharing is so entomologically awesome!





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