Flipping for Friday Favorites

It’s always tough the first week back from holiday.  I made it though, the weekend is SO close!  My inner voice is saying “get a glass of wine, it’s close enough” like a little satanic cheerleader.  I might just have to listen to it.  But before I do, here are my favorites from the week:

  1. Insects prevent forest fires – okay, maybe a bit of an exaggeration.  I have to say I didn’t see it coming, but after reading the article, it does make sense.
  2. Wow – really, how do I convey the sheer entomological awesomeness here but: wow.  I posted the video earlier in the week on facebook, but you have got to check out the finished product.  The mantisfly is definitely my favorite.mantisfly
  3. Help wanted – I rocked my aquatic taxonomy class in grad school and I think aquatic ecosystems are incredible.  Nice that the city recognizes the need for it.  Maybe I will apply….

So enjoy this little bit of entomological awesomeness as you slip into the comforting embrace of the weekend.  And don’t forget to like and share with someone who needs a bit of entomological awesomeness in their life!


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