Florida Friday Favorites

Ah….  a long week ends in sunny (rainy?) Florida for the start of vacation.  I plan on getting in some beach time, drinking lots of wine, eating LOTS of great seafood, and relaxing some.  I brought my camera with me so I am also going to try to learn some photography skills and take some entomologically awesome pictures.  Here are some favorites from the week to ease you into your weekend:

  1. Evolution – yep, it’s still happening and is it any wonder?  Insects develop relatively flies_updatedfast and we humans keep changing the conditions for them.  So yeah, they adapt.  Cool article.
  2. New species – there’s so many out there that haven’t been described, and not just in some remote forest in Borneo.  Urban jungles have lots of species to be discovered too.
  3. Shout out to U of FL – I use these fact sheets all the time, lots of species with great pictures and detailed info.  Great for reference.

That should give you a good start to an entomologically awesome weekend.  I have my pre-vacation glass of wine to get to, so that’s all for now.

Okay, one more:


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