I never really “got” April Fool’s Day.  Always seemed kinda silly to me and pointless to boot.  Aren’t there enough fools running around on a daily basis?  Why do we have a holiday to celebrate them?  But in the spirit of this foolish holiday, my friday favorites for this week all fall into that theme:

  1. Lunch bugs – I actually own these!  I take stuff to work in them every so often juslunch bagst to
    freak people out.
  2. Entomology and radiology – like I said, I can relate entomology to everything.
  3. Free range bumble bees – because everyone likes organic, all natural, free range, gluten free, paleo diet approved insects.  Definitely check out the “ranching practices”.
  4. Insects fooling insects – and other animals sometimes.
  5. Plants fooling insects – sometimes for a good reason, sometimes not.

So don’t be fooled, this is real entomological awesomeness right here!  What’s your favorite insect themed Fool’s trick?  Know someone who could use some foolish entomological awesomeness?  Like, share, and all that fun stuff.

I actually think this is cool!



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