Phoenix Friday Favorites

So I have a couple brief minutes here in Phoenix before I have to board my next flight so I wanted to get this kicked out.  I had a crazy busy, but productive week in California with lots of trainings, a few site visits, and just a little bit of free time to visit the Joaquin Miller Park in Oakland.  So as I sit here in the Pheonix airport, these favorites are all related to that:

  1. It was a cooler day, but lots of bees were out foraging in the park.  It had rained a few days before and lots of the wildflowers were in bloom.  The Bug Squad also had a great bee post this week.
  2. There were also plenty of flies and I hope I got a good shot of one of the hover flies.  But in the Amazon, they are working on horse flies.

    Check out those wicked mouthparts!
  3. Lastly, anyone that knows me knows that I have a special affinity for spiders.  I saw some amazing mating behavior for one of the orb weavers in the park!  Until I get that posted, check out these amazing spider photos.

I have tons to catch up on this weekend then I am off again on Monday so I am going to do my best to download some of the pictures I took and get a post written up.  We’ll see…  But until then, feel free to spread this entomological awesomeness, while I get more entomological awesomeness going on!

PS – I was working on presentations for next week and found this video that I am using for my fly/cockroach talk:


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