Freaky Fast Friday Faves

What a week.  I have been stuck in management meetings most of the week, which weren’t bad, just very very long.  Which means I haven’t been following much news, certainly didn’t get any posts out, and have barely logged onto facebook.  But I did get to hang with some great people over the week.  I was going to skip doing this week’s friday favorites, but I have had a few minutes to go through some stuff and of course, found some entomological awesomeness!  So here you go:

  1. Tons of new species! – One of the things that is great about entomology is that they are always describing new species (how many new mammals do they find every bug highwayyear?).
  2. Bug highway – just cool.
  3. Getting specific w managing insects – Insect growth regulators have been around for years to specifically target juvenile hormone levels, but now scientists are looking at the exoskeleton on a molecular level which could one day lead to better, more targeted insecticides.

I am headed to Austin next week (yes!) for a couple of conferences and I will try to post more.  Until then, share the entomological awesomeness!

Okay, one more.  I know I posted this on facebook earlier, but it is just too entomologically awesome not to post again:


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