Frivolous Friday Favorites

Ah fridays…  like a good friend that you haven’t seen in a while who is bringing a big bottle of rum.  Yep, it’s good.  And most likely trouble, but isn’t it the best?  Some of the week’s best to get you just a little closer to that glass:

  1. Tree lobsters? – If you follow the facebook page, you will remember I posted a cool
    Pheropsophus verticalis
    Australian bombardier beetle (Pheropsophus verticalis)

    video about the Lord Howe stick insects.  This is an exciting update.  Not sure how I feel about calling them “tree lobsters” though.

  2. A wasp’s eye view
  3. It’s Darwin’s birthday! – Yet there are some who still don’t believe in evolution?!?!  Here’s a great entomology related post refuting a creationist claim that bombardier beetles couldn’t have evolved.
  4. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, and box like an ant -I wish I could be that fast!

There’s some entomological awesomeness to get you through the day, don’t forget to share!


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