Friday Favorite Flicks

It’s an all video friday favorites this week to move from the drudgery of the working week into the debauchery and decadence of the weekend.  So here’s some diversion and hoping your day dissipates into day’s end quickly:

  1. Leafcutter ants – I can get totally sucked into watching the little guys take their Leaf-cutter-ants-carrying-leaves-back-to-the-nestleaves back to the nest on their insect superhighway, but to see what they do when they get back to the nest?  Wow.  Check out the article here too.
  2. Bed bugs – get a load of those piercing-sucking mouthparts!  Bad news for controlling them, researchers are starting to find populations that are resistant to some insecticides.
  3. Reptile eating beetle beetle eating reptile! – yeah, I know I posted this on facebook too, but it is just too entomologically awesome not to post (and watch) again. Read the full article too.

So do not go gentle into that good weekend dear friends, go forth with determination and depart like the place has bed bugs!  And of course, spread the entomological awesomeness.




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