Flying around my brain

I have kinda been all over the place today, entomologically speaking and nothing is quite sticking.  I had two identifications (syrphid flies and psocids, meh boring), started working on a presentation (due in a month and only about 10 minutes long), saw the new article on suicide and social insects (cool but not inspiring anything else in my brain), played a bit of candy crush (so stuck on level 596, ugh), and researched info on fly management (inside, outside, small, large, give me some info here?!?!), tried to decide what to do for dinner (don’t want to go out, nothing to eat in the fridge), and had about three people in my office complaining about stuff (it’s cool, I guess I should add “I listen” to my job title).  I really think it is just because I have cool toys in my office.  Seriously, what gun-how-works_abc4294e-0fbb-4de9-befc-8ebe8058675f_largeself-respecting entomologist doesn’t have pictures and bug toys and weird stuff all over their office (want to see my spider)?  I did get to show off my bug-a-salt gun which is always fun and people get a kick out of.  You would think that that would get my brain turning on some “pest management” kick, but what I started thinking on was the military.  I could write loads of stuff on how wars have been won and lost due to insects.  In fact, books have been written.  What comes to mind was that insects were used as signs of valor, 3u120awarded as medals.  Specifically, the fly.  The Egyptians had the Order of the Golden Fly.  This was a necklace that they decorated with flies.  It was also supposed to signify that they were a “pestilence” to the enemy.  Cool.

So next time someone mentions giving you an award, ask for a golden fly.  That would be entomologically awesome!  Hey, I think I have lives on candy crush again…..


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