Fresh Friday Favorites

End of the day, putting the week behind me with good food and a nice drink.  Well…  almost done with the week.  I still have one more day of work, giving a few presentations tomorrow.  So I am getting this edition of Friday Favorites out with gusto!

  1. Communal spiders – there are a few species and this is a great article on one of them.

    Social spider (Credit: Aaron Pomerantz/
  2. Archy and Mehitabel – this one has been on my radar for a little while now, finally getting around to sharing it.  Love that little cockroach!
  3. More glowing – as a follow up to the post on facebook earlier this week on the glow worms in Australia, there is this article.

That’s what I’ve got for you this week so go forth and spread the entomological awesomeness!


What, missing your youtube video of the week?  Fine.  Here:

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