Freakin’ Awesome Friday Favorites

The cold dead hands of the workweek are finally releasing their icy grip and the warm comforting flannel pants of the weekend are almost here.  So, let’s get started with some of the week’s best.


  1. Bees are the bestest – I have sort of stayed away from the bee controversy, there is so much complicated stuff going on with pollinators.  This was a nice article that didn’t try to take sides, sensationalize the issue, or report on just one tiny aspect.  Nice write up.
  2. Insects creating something – this is kinda like giving leafcutter ants different colored flower petals or caddisflies pretty stones to work with.  All very cool.
  3. Sometimes you need a hand from a friend – and sometimes…..  Take a peek at this 2015 Oscar nominated short.

That’s what I’ve got for now so go spread this entomological awesomeness!


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