So I leave tomorrow on holiday (finally, I so need this!) and I really didn’t think I would get around to posting.  But as I was finishing some stuff up, and everyone around the office is wishing each other a Happy Christmas and Good Holiday etc.  I figured I could turn that into something.  I really don’t celebrate any of the winter holidays, I usually give a few small gifts for the winter solstice and make a nice dinner.

But what does this have to do with insects you ask?  Remember, I can relate entomology to anything!  So here we go:

  1.  Christmas spider – okay, not an insect, I know.  An old eastern European folk tale has a poor widow and her children living in a hut.  They nursed a tree through the summer to be their christmas tree but were too poor to decorate it.  Despondent, they went to bed and overnite, a spider spun its web throughout the tree andChristmas-hat-spider_1920x1200 when the first rays of sunlight hit it, it turned silver and gold.  All rejoiced with happiness.  There are a couple versions of this you can read about here.  (I have a spider ornament and I use it to decorate my holiday ficus.  Because why buy a cut tree when I have a perfectly good live ficus?)
  2. Winter Solstice – found this entomological awesomeness:  Yalda.  This is an Iranian festival celebrated on the “darkest night of the year”, aka the solstice.  During this festival, there is lots of feasting (’cause what’s a celebration without food?) and it is believed that eating certain foods like carrots, pears, pomegranates, and green olives will protect you from the harmful bites of insects.  All those sound good to me, so sign me up!
  3. Hanukkah – yes, I even found something insect related for the Jewish festival of lights.  Check it out here.

Comment below if you can think of any more winter holidays that can relate to insects.  In the meantime, share the entomological awesomeness and spread some entomological cheer!


I know the ornament is photoshopped in, but who cares?  It’s cool!



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