Friday Favorites

No joke, it has been a crappy couple of weeks.  I am really trying to keep above it all, but it is getting hard.  But I go on holiday next week so I only have to hold on through Wednesday.  YES!  I can make it until then.  In the meantime, the entomological awesomeness is buoying my spirits some.  This weeks faves:

  1. I want to plagiarize this – I have been struggling through writing an article and Gwen Pearson just nails it.  Nails it!
  2. I need a drink, you need a drink, they need a drink – insect getting tipsy!
  3. Pictures make me happy – and I can’t wait to start my new calendar in January.  It’s the little things…

That’s all for now.  I will be going out of the country and offline but I will try to post one more time before I leave.  Until then, I will try not to explode at work, try not to implode at home, and just keep spreading the entomological awesomeness!full_7198_59241_TGIFFunnyQuoteCrossStitch_1


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