Fab Fri Fave’s

Yep, that time of week again.  Ah….  The weekend is so close.  Time for some friday favorites.funny-pictures-friday-loading-please-wait-540x395

  1. They still exist! – I knew some of this, but a lot of the history here was really cool.  Well worth the read.
  2. Cockroaches will rule the world – The story of the Cuban fairytale was cool, the rest of it was pure entomological awesomeness.  And so true, cockroaches are beneficial and very useful as a scientific tool.DescribedSpecies4
  3. Infographics rule – I am such a visual (and hands on) person so to have the visual representation to really show the sheer diversity of the insect and even arthropod world is great.

That’s all.  Can’t wait, leaving on Sunday for ESA.  Doubt I will have time for many blog entries, but make sure to check in on facebook for posts, pictures, and random thoughts about the talks I am listening in on.  Oh, yeah, and don’t forget to spread the entomological awesomeness!  Happy weekend all!


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